How to show users metric and goal conversion rate for users in Google Analytics

Google Analytics Demo account shows the “Users” as a primary metric by default in the reports.


If you want to show “Users” as a primary metric, you can do a custom report but Google Analytics has a feature to show it also in the default reports.

If your email account has the rights to make changes in the Admin section you can try the following steps:

Admin > Property Settings > User Analysis (scroll to bottom) and click on the button to activate the option from “OFF” to “ON”.




How are the reports different?

I have made a small test with 2 properties running in the same period with and without this feature enabled.

Property 1 with the Users metric option disabled

Acquisition – All traffic – Source / Medium


Property 2 with the Users metric option enabled


As you can see we now have Users showing as a primary metric.

(For user reporting details read more here in the GA documentation)

In the example above from property 2 with user reporting enabled we can see that the default goal conversion rate is still calculated to sessions not users.

Calculated metrics related to users

If we want to update also the Goal conversion rate for users we need to add a calculated metric.

Location to add: Admin > View > Calculated metrics


You will need to add a name , choose Percent on Formatting Type and add the formula dividing goal completions to users.


Formula example with Goal completions divided to users


After creating the calculated metric you can add it for example in a Custom report.


Custom report example with Goal conv. rate for users