Analytics trainings

I enjoy sharing the web analytics knowledge I have learned over the years.

The Google Analytics paid training covers the following main topics:

  • understanding the Google Analytics main features.
  • step-by-step approach to understanding the data collection process
  • making an analytics audit & customizing the data tracking based on the project type ( checklist included)
  • understanding the measurement plan with KPIs
  • custom reports and data analysis.
  • creating and using custom segments, events, and virtual pageview tracking

This training also covers topics on:

  • Google Tag Manager: How to use it to implement Analytics custom tracking. 
  • Google Data Studio: How to create custom dashboards.
  • Tracking and data analysis examples (with best practices)
  • Preparing for the Google Analytics Certification
  • Q&A sessions.

You might have this question in your mind:

“Is this training good for me?”

This training is probably good for you when:

  • You have a very small level of knowledge on Google Analytics & you want to learn.
  • You have zero experience with Google Analytics. You didn’t access any account.
  • You are familiar with Google Analytics but you don’t enter the platform often (or you enter the platform but you feel you need to learn more about the reports)
  • You might feel confused or overwhelmed when checking the analytics reports.
  • You are working in online marketing and you think that your work could improve by learning data analysis and Google Analytics.
  • You are not familiar with Google Analytics Audits, custom reports or custom dashboards or you feel you need to spend more time on these. On the training, I am sharing a Google Analytics Audit checklist, how to make custom reports and also custom dashboards with Google Data Studio.
  • You have zero knowledge of Google Tag Manager and want to know how to use it with Google Analytics.
  • You are planning to get the Google Analytics certification
  • Prepare for a future job that requires Google Analytics or web analytics knowledge.
  • Note: When I started teaching in 2013, some of the students from my training didn’t had access to a Google Analytics account.  I can adapt to this by sharing and using a Demo Account with traffic data. 

This training is probably not good for you if are an experienced analyst.

(you work  as a full-time digital analytics with more than one year of experience or you can easily answer a question related to digital analytics.)


About the instructor

My name is Dragusin Dragos and I am focused on data-driven ideas and actions to improve conversion rates: data analysis, insights from user& customer research, studies, landing page variations and working with A/B testing tools.

I am using a variety of tools to perform data tracking, reporting and data analysis like Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hotjar,  Qualaroo Matomo (Google Analytics alternative), Qualaroo, Sessioncam, Excel, Google Data Studio or PowerBI. (based on project type)

For A/B testing I am using usually or

I am also open to using other tools. (to become tool agnostic)

For more details about my work experience, you can check my

CV in a PDF format here.

What other people say about this training:

“First thing that I’ve noticed at Dragos are his enthusiasm for the web analytics and also his high interest in the online optimization. These elements correlated with good communication skills made the Google Analytics Course a perfect first step for me in the “web analytics world.”

Daniel Pirciu – Growth Manager @ Ocean Credit


“… one of the most passionate Romanian specialists certified in the field, with a broad base of knowledge and e-learning resources about Google Analytics – the main in terms of site traffic monitoring.”

Florin Tudor – Marketing analyst

(other testimonials are available on my Linkedin page)

1. Google Analytics course in  English version

Price:  £300

  • Open course (not limited to employees of a company, anyone can apply)
  • A limited number of participants (max. 10 per class. Based on previous experiences, if there are too many participants I feel that I won’t be able to have enough time to cover all the material and also answer their questions.)
  • The course lasts 8 hours, 4 hours per day (usually during the weekends)
  • Graduation certificate of completion of course
  • Speaking language: English.


To apply for the Google Analytics training please send an email at with the phone number and a note on how you found about the course.

Do you have a question in mind before deciding to join a paid training?

Send me an email.

Do you want to see some free sources related to analytics & CRO first?

Sure. When I have time I share resources & news related to Analytics & CRO here:

My list of CRO & Analytics resources  (over 8000 views and over 2.4K clicks on links) or on my Linkedin Profile

2. Google Analytics in limba romana

I will describe the content of the course in romanian.

Pret:  500 RON (consider ca este un pret ok raportat la numarul de ore si la nivelul pietei din Bucuresti)

  • Cursul dureaza 8 ore (4 ore Sambata si 4 ore Duminica)
  • Voi utiliza platforma in limba engleza deoarece este mai intuitiva iar resursele si certificarea sunt mai usor de inteles in engleza.